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The Healthy Indian Project is built with a mission to inculcate healthy habits among Indian citizens. We aspire to make preventive healthcare a part of people’s daily routine by making it available, convenient and easy.

The company, Thip Healthtech Pvt Ltd, promotes products, services, content and technology that can make preventive healthcare holistic. We focus on helping you with tools and means that can be beneficial to improving your overall mind, body and spirit.

Thip.Media: India’s first verified medical information platform that is built with a mission most unbiased, honest, accurate and relevant information related to health. It aims to educate people with verified information from certified medical professionals and also to aware them on various false claims and information prevailing on social media.

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Thip App: A member’s zone that provides a choice of plans to make healthcare a regular habit. It aims to promote health decisions based on medical parameters and customises routine targeting an overall improvement of mind, body and soul. Members get year round medical diagnostic, discounts, emergency support and professional consultations.

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